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Hi, I am Omeka Walden, a Licensed Cosmetologist serving the South Florida Area.   I specialize in Trendy Cuts, Color, Hair Enhancement Services (custom extension services),  & Healthy Hair Care.  I have always had a passion for styling hair.  This passion was awakened at the tender age of 15.  It just came so natural to me and I really enjoyed it.  Practicing this craft on my mother first, and then winning referrals from her co-workers, our neighbors, and friends was how it first started.  I loved styling hair but could not see a future in it at that time.

I have always desired to become a business owner.  While I wasn't sure what field of business I would pursue, I knew that learning the fundamentals of business were important.  So I studied courses at a community college focusing towards Business Administration.  At which same time I landed a financially rewarding sales position with a major wireless company.  Although I made great money, there were not favorable opportunities for advancement or growth.  This made me feel purposeless. I was severely unhappy, stressed and depressed.  I found myself so tired of sacrificing so many hours a day, some holidays away from my family.   Being a wife and mother of 2 made me desire a path that would allow flexible time at home.   I realized after eight years that I had outgrew my job.  So I prayed hard for the Lord to direct me on how I could contribute to my family's income and still be available for family time.  God is so good, HE sent a perfect stranger to remind me of the "gift" that I was not using.  The message was confirmed.  Opportunities were discovered as to how I could resign from the wireless company and enroll into Cosmetology School.  In 2007 I graduated from Charles Academy of Beauty Culture, in Mobile, AL. I obtained  my cosmetology license in 2008.

I have worked in a couple of local and national salons.  My experiences were priceless.  I learned so much about the business, and various cultures of hair.  Ultimately I learned that many clients appreciate one on one services and professionals dedicated to healthy hair.  I learned for myself that I enjoy working with clients one on one and being able to set and control the atmosphere.  Which is why I offer hair care in a private beauty suite as well as travel to clients and/or their event locations.

I started INSPIRED HAIR in 2009, which offers professional private hair care to a private clientele base and personal referrals.  After years of researching virgin hair types, the Remy process, and how to offer Premium extension options competitively I started the company, Inspired Hair Effects (web based business) in 2010.  

During the summer of 2012 my family and I decided to take it back to where it all started.  South Florida will always be home and we are excited to be back. 

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  Hollywood, FL 

    I am still dedicated to providing professional hair care in a Relaxing setting.

My journey has not been easy but it has been well worth it.  And it is far from over.  THIS IS MY PASSION!

I am always researching, and advancing my skill and product knowledge. Stay connected to find out whats going on with the Inspired Hair Stylist.


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