Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get a relaxer retouch? Getting a relaxer retouch may vary from client to client based on the texture of the hair and the desired style.  It's best to let a professional be the judge.  On average 6-8 weeks.  Some can go longer and clients with the short cuts tend to need retouches around 4weeks.  But again it depends on the the client's hair and is best determined by a professional.

I have split ends and I really don't want to cut my hair.  I am trying to let it grow.  Can I wait until it grows a little more before trimming? You are actually doing more harm by holding on to split ends.  We love for our hair to grow however if the ends are split, that damage will advance higher up the hair shaft.  It's best to get rid of split ends and begin treatment immediately to encourage effective hair growth.

How often should you shampoo a Sew-In? Your lifestyle and how you perspire will be a big determining factor.  But I would suggest bi-weekly at least. Wet & wavy wearers can get by waiting 3 weeks if rinsing in the shower and applying leave-in conditioner.

***TIP      *If you are shampooing your extensions yourself- Do a co-wash (shampoo w/ conditioner).  Prior to wetting hair make sure hair is detangled by combing through with a large shampoo comb & your fingers.  Start at ends and work your way up.  Use conditioner with a small dab of shampoo mixed. [Sulfate free shampoos are best] Keep hair going in one direction, using the the balls of your fingers to go in-between and underneath the hair to massage your scalp.  Do not try to massage on top of hair.  Run your fingers through the hair.  Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.  Use warm water but Not hot.  Squeeze hair to get excess water out, towel blot. Make sure your hair thoroughly dries whether air dry or under a hooded dryer set on low heat dryer. Never sleep on half dry or wet hair.

How do you maintain Wet-N-Wavy hair extensions?  ***If you have invested in Virgin Remy Hair : You will only need to use water (mist with) and apply a Leave in conditioner sparingly for daily maintenance.  Keep hair free flowing and in the best shape by avoiding products.  Just a good sulfate free conditioning shampoo as needed, a leave in conditioner sparingly, and mist with water daily to style.  Use fingers and a wide shampoo type comb to manage and arrange hair.                                                        

With other wet-n-wavy Extensions- Mist with a water spray bottle, use fingers to manage hair.....apply small amount of moisturizing lotion for softness....then add a setting foam or wrap lotion to tame your curl/wave and style.  Avoid products containing alcohol.  A leave in conditioner is also good to use throughout the week if not daily.  Remember the more product you use the more build up and the sooner you may need to shampoo.  Some days you may be able to just mist with water and style.                                                                                                                                               *With ALL wavy/curly extensions I recommend arranging hair in 2-4 big twists or plaits and sleep w/ a silk bonnet.  This helps prevent tangling (especially with tight curl patterns).

Can I get hair color or highlights on relaxed hair? Yes, after about two weeks.  And the strength of your hair should be evaluated before any chemical service.  If hair is breaking easily or you are experiencing excessive shedding it would be better to wait and start a conditioning/reconstructing regimen first, until you notice acceptable progress.  I recommend doing color/highlights after a relaxer versus before a relaxer  to get the most of the color highlight service.

 How can I protect my hair at night?  Definitely wear a night cap (whether it's a wrap, or silk bonnet), or using a silk pillow case.  If using a night cap- stay away from cotton. Silk is the best and satin or rayon material would protect favorably as well.  With long lengths of hair- arrange into a loose twist or finger roll hair up (large sections; about 4-6), and then put on bonnet.  If wrapping the hair secure with duck clips or long bobby pins then apply head wrap or bonnet. 

*Sleeping on your hair can cause breakage and tangling.  Take a few minutes to protect your style and your hair

How long do hair extensions last, before having to be removed or replaced?                                        

Sew Ins- On average 8-12 weeks    (recommend not going past 3 months)

Lace Units- 3-6 weeks per installation (depending on method chosen)

Bonding- 2-4 weeks

  *The style, quality of hair chosen, and client's lifestyle, plays a major role in how long the extension service will last.  And then too, some clients prefer to change a lot sooner, and some will keep what they have longer.  As long as you are taking care of your natural hair underneath (scalp treatments, and conditioning) you can go the max .



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